About us

Fighting Infectious Diseases in The Gambia (FID) is borne of the desire and sound principle to enhance timely curative care and preventive health services, promote social inclusion, and increase access to quality water and sanitation through strengthening resilience amongst communities with relevant, timely and appropriate  knowledge and skills in health, social  hygiene and sanitation.

FID was established in 2009 after its founder Mr. Ebrahim Sinyan returned from a visit to the small rural village of Mariama Kunda in The Gambia. He had observed that there was serious shortage of essential medical facilities.  Not only were the facilities inadequate for the needs of the Mariama Kunda community, but this clinic was also serving the residents of five other surrounding villages. Consequently, it is not unusual to find people having to travel for 20 to 30 miles to get access to basic medical services at this clinic. Naturally, there is very high infant and maternal mortality, wide spread incidence of malaria (particularly during the rainy season), deaths from preventable/treatable diseases (e.g. influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis etc.) as a direct result of the poor transportation facilities, the high level of poverty in these villages and the blatant lack of qualified health professionals and facilities.

Upon Mr Sinyan’s return, he decided that he wanted to do something that would make a difference to the lives of the people in The Gambia.  He researched on health care issues in The Gambia and found out that what he had observed in Mariama Kunda and the surrounding villages was not unique but rather endemic to The Gambia.  His research not only looked at what health care provision was being supplied through to the government but also through NGO’s working in that region.  It was at that point he decided to establish a charity with the primary purpose of alleviating the suffering of Gambians by providing decent health and education services specifically to families living in these rural areas of The Gambia. Out of this, Fighting Infectious Diseases in The Gambia (FID) was founded by a group of professionals under the direction of a Gambian national, Mr Ebrahim Sinyan.