Vision and Mission


To enhance timely curative care and preventive health services, promote social inclusion, and increase access to quality water and sanitation through strengthening resilience amongst communities with relevant and appropriate knowledge and skills.


FID’S vision is a world in which no one will die of an easily preventable and curable disease because of geographical or social barriers (location, distance, social exclusion, and poverty) and anticipates to be the leading organization in The Gambia providing quality and relevant support to communities, families and individuals to achieve good quality life and healthy lifestyles.


We advocate for social equity and fairness for all irrespective of age, gender, race, health and socio economic status.  We are a non-governmental and non-political organization determined to serve and promote the health and welfare of the populace through a transparent, accountable and participatory approach focusing on relevance, need, and priority of beneficiaries. We also promote good social norms and values compliant with national and international standards.

Aims and Objectives

To support the government of The Gambia, specifically the department of state for health, in providing sustainable interventions in its fight against infectious diseases through support to community health programmes.

To support disadvantaged groups to include children, orphans, the elderly and the handicapped.

To facilitate the identification , planning, and community management of community health facilities, especially for the poor and excluded in a meaningful way within the Government’s National Health Policy Framework.

To provide support and youth entrepreneurial training to youth and women through employment programmes to encourage economic viability and reduce poverty.

To mobilise from external sources, human, physical and financial resources for the realisation of improved health in the partner communities.

To support relevant capacity building, sensitization and advocacy programmes for marginalised groups and acting as a voice for the poor and marginalised.